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Hot Melt Application Area

WHM.30 Hot Melt PUR Application Unit

A continuous cycle hot melt applicator for hot melts and PUR Hot melts consisting of a tank, grill and manifold with high fusion capacity and anti-adherent surfaces. Developed exclusively by WPR to avoid thermo-dynamic stress which is detrimental to adhesives. It includes a rapid opening system for safe and fast maintenance without the use of tools as well as rapid change filter units made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Adhesive dosage is kept constant even during production speed changes thanks to a proprietary automatic adhesive dosing system resulting in both quality and economic benefits. The CPU offers centralized control of all machine functions as well as process time, date setting, alarms, safety functions and room temperature monitoring to assure all prescribed parameters for quality production are met. 


Exclusive Advantage


Melt unit developed especially for profile wrapping.

Management of the melter is completely integrated into the system of the lamination line.

Spare parts are interchangeable between glue head and hot melt unit.

Fast and easy cleaning in less than 15 minutes.

Resized Hotmelt.jpg

Hot Melt Support Unit

Application slot nozzle and adjustment devices

Foil Pre-heating


Servo-assisted control devices

Central control of all functions


Exclusive Advantage


WPR's exclusive design guarantees maximum simplicity of use by facilitating all adjustments and maintenance operations.

The bracket comes complete with an unwinder and a single axial adjustment for alignment of the foil and the slot nozzle on the profile. 


Reduction of Time

Reduction of set-up times

Process stability and safety

Process stability & safety for operators

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Slot Nozzle with variable opening for application of HMPUR

NUOVA SLOT ELV.300_Bassa risoluz..jpg

Variable glue head equipped with special abrasive resistant lips. Includes rapid change stainless AISI 316 steel filtering set as part of WPR's exclusive distribution system (Control Flow). Glue application is continually adjusted by means of precision registers with numeric indicators. 


Exclusive Advantage


Complete closure of the slot nozzle.

Internal screws to regulate application width without coming into contact with the adhesive.

Fast cleaning

Special treatment of lips for long lasting durability. 

Provides a high-quality glue line.

Resized High Res Glue Pour

System guarantees a

perfectly even glue line.

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