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Jeff and Ray are ready to support you and your wrapping business

by: Cadence J. for Looking Around, Issue 13 - September 2022

Jeff Pitcher and Ray Rice, two industry experts, mirroring the TAKA-WPR synergy, have made the decision to partner in their efforts to provide best of both machinery and adhesives solutions to the wrapping and lamination markets.

Jeff Pitcher, President of Wrap-Tak, Inc. has been providing adhesives solutions to the wood products market for decades. His vast technical knowledge of adhesives has helped grow the possibilities for his customers as well as the wood products & adhesives industries together. Using his wealth of experience, he takes a consultative, solution focused approach to find the best fit for the best output possible.

Ray Rice, COO and Technical Director of Wrap-Tak, Inc. came to the rescue for many manufacturers in distress by embracing the complexity of the wrapping & lamination process. His machinery expertise has been built from years of experience and training. It has allowed him the unique ability to evaluate production and identify solutions that improve quality, efficiency, and cost for the manufacturers he’s served.

--We love it when a good thing comes together!

Jeff’s consultative and solution focused model matched Ray’s vision of being the face of lamination technologies support in the US. “I think manufacturers need to find somebody who’s going to help them. Not just somebody who’s going to sell them something.” Ray said.

"It was love at first sight"

“Jeff found me on LinkedIn and invited me to lunch.” Ray recounted. “We met halfway between Columbus and Cincinnati. It was clear Jeff understood what I was trying to do. Where others are worried about the next sale, Jeff is concerned with the people behind the production, meeting their needs and sticking with them for the long haul.”

“I remember when I first started and there was almost no support.” Ray recalled his experience early in his career, “There was no help for complex geometries, there was no help with environmental variants and their impact to the lamination process. It was a struggle at first. Everyone was going through or is going through that same hardship. So, I want to get our face out there.”

--Joining the TAKA-WPR Team

Having worked closely with TAKA-WPR for several years now, Jeff recounted his initial experience, "I saw an opportunity to support manufacturers in the U.S. with TAKA-WPR. I saw a well-respected company whose values match ours.”

A group photo of the TAKA-WPR Team on their production floor in Italy

Wrap-Tak, Inc. not only believes in the quality of machinery, adhesives, and technology that TAKA-WPR manufactures, but also in the people behind the company, whose dedication and heart shine through their work each day.

The duo highly appreciates the company’s knowledgeable powerhouse team, naming Franca, Maurizio, Matteo, and Stefano among others on their expansive knowledge and technical expertise. “I just love the atmosphere…the accessibility, the support, and the responsiveness.” added Ray.

“I saw a better product with TAKA-WPR and a better fit for me than anybody else.”

Productions grow with TAKA-WPR machinery and adhesives no matter the operation's starting point. The Wrap-Tak team appreciates representing TAKA-WPR and the opportunity they bring to North American wrapping companies - not only to the big players but to the micro enterprises as well.

a graphic with a red and blue arrow encircling the number 360 to indicate 360 degrees of service.
TAKA-WPR takes responsibility for the entire production process.

Unlike any other company currently providing wrapping machinery & adhesives, TAKA-WPR’s synergistic service model is exactly what these industry needs: the best in machinery, the best in technology, the best in adhesives, and the best in training & education.

It truly is 360 degrees of service.

TAKA-WPR takes responsibility for the entire production process, helping manufacturers from start to finish, with every piece of the wrapping puzzle solved.

--What's on the Horizon

With so much to look forward to, Jeff and Ray are more than excited for what the next future holds: “We envision the development of a technology center where we can provide training, testing and conduct research to further develop the wrapping of new substrates, profiles and materials.”

One of the many advantages Wrap-Tak offers the North American market, is their warehouse in Ohio that allows them to deliver adhesives and parts without the headache of overseas logistics and delays.

If you’re interested in wrapping or lamination, or would like to speak with Jeff or Ray regarding your specific needs, please visit Wrap-Tak’s website at:

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